Springer Healthcare - ePrint Trends

ePrint purchasing trends 59 % of reprint purchasing companies chose digital options in April-June 2020 vs 30% in April-June 2019. ePrint Trends HCP engagement and pharma adoption of ePrints has significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic Engagement with ePrints +113 % +175 % +56 % 2019 2020 Springer Healthcare is part of the Springer Nature Group www.springerhealthcare.com For further insights and to support your remote engagement strategies, contact us at reprintswarehouse@springer.com Statistics herein were collected by Springer Healthcare and compare April-June 2020 vs April-June 2019. There has been a significant increase in the number of HCPs viewing and downloading ePrints since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. ePrint Downloads Time Spent Viewing Read Online Views Sales that include a digital component made up 41 % of purchases in April-June 2020 vs 18% in April-June 2019. There are regional variations in the increased utilization of ePrints, but the individual countries with the highest increases are spread globally. Usage increase by region Canada United States Brazil India Hong Kong Portugal Greece Belgium Netherlands Sweden North America +62 % Europe +13 % Asia Pacific +41 % No significant increase 10-25% increase 25-50% increase Over 50% increase Top 10 countries with increased usage